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The CARE Consortium endeavors to provide necessary infrastructure and scientific expertise to study concussion. Together, we are united in our goal to gain a better understanding of the neurobiopsychosocial nature of concussive injury and recovery in order to ultimately enhance the safety and health of our student-athletes, service members, youth sports participants and the broader public.

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  • Two Key Papers from CARE in Early 2021

    Two important papers have emerged from the CARE Consortium in early 2021, reflecting the work of the Consortium to better understand concussion/mild t...
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  • NCAA-DOD CARE Consortium Receives $42.65M award to launch next phase of study

    The NCAA-DOD CARE Consortium is proud to announce the next phase of CARE: The CARE-SALTOS Integrated (CSI) Study. Principal Investigators Thomas W. Mc...
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  • MHSRS Award Recipient

    CARE is honored to receive the Outstanding Research Accomplishment/Team-Academia-Industry award from the Military Health System Research Symposium (MH...
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Long-Term Concussion Study

For CARE Participant Alumni

If you were a participant in the Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium Study as an undergraduate student-athlete or cadet, we are appreciative of your effort! As one of nearly 50,000 participants enrolled from our 26 civilian schools and 4 military service academies, you contributed to the largest concussion study ever conducted. Now that you have graduated from your institution, we would like to collect additional information (similar to the information you provided as an undergraduate student) from you via an online assessment. Your answers are very important to us, will always remain confidential, and you do not need to have had a concussion to participate. You may be receiving communications via e-mail or text from CARE inviting you to participate in these studies. You may also be contacted by our partners at University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, Survey Research Operations team and asked to complete the assessment over the phone. If you have any questions about the project and/or completing the assessments, please contact us at: carealumni@umich.edu.

To help us better understand concussion and/or head impacts, you will also be offered an opportunity to participate in the CARE post-graduation saliva sample collection study. If you choose, your participation will involve collecting a saliva sample to evaluate your DNA. This will help us to better understand why and how some people respond to concussion. If you did not donate blood or saliva during your undergraduate career in CARE, you may be eligible to participate. If you have any questions about the saliva study or are interested in learning more about participation, please contact us at: careaoc@iupui.edu.

CARE 2.0

Cumulative and persistent intermediate effects of concussion and head impact exposure in CARE Consortium Military Service Academy members and NCAA athletes.

Funded by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the US Department of Defense (DoD) since 2014, the NCAA-DoD Grand Alliance CARE Consortium has conducted studies to address fundamental questions in the field of concussion injury. These initial studies have been collectively referred to as “CARE 1.0.”

The CARE Consortium will now continue its work (through 2020) investigating the effects of concussion and head impact exposure in athletes and US Military Service Academy (MSA) athletes/cadets in studies.

This next phase (known as “CARE 2.0”) will leverage the existing CARE dataset of richly characterized NCAA athletes and US military service academy (MSA) athletes/cadets both with and without concussions and/or head impact exposure. In CARE 2.0, we will expand the framework of the initial CARE investigation of the acute natural history of injury (i.e., up to 6 months following injury) to address concerns about cumulative and persistent effects of concussion and/or repetitive head impact exposure at the end of and following a collegiate/MSA career.

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